Taito’s Kick Through Racers Arcade Game

Kickthrough Racers

The cutesy artwork has drawn me into researching this arcade game called Kick Through Racers. In the game, you control a scooter that resembles a razor scooter, one of the hottest selling items about 10 years ago. The game is brought to us by Taito, a developer that has brought us some great games over the years.┬áTaito released a similar game a few years ago called Hopping Road where you race along on pogo sticks. But this time it’s scooters and after viewing the trailer for Kick Through Racers, it may not be a game that blows anyone away graphically but it does looks like a fun concept to try for all ages. Kick Through Racers arcade game is currently available in Japan for about $9,600.

More @ Taito and view the trailer.