Five Reasons Why I Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been out for almost three years now and it continues to gain in popularity. Starting about a year ago I started using Chrome exclusively whenever possible. The browser has become so popular that Google has built an operating system with the same name. Here are my top five reasons why I use Chrome

  • The start page. Everytime you open a new tab in Chrome, you see a customizable list of Most Visited and Recently Closed websites. This makes it easy for me because 80% of the sites that I visit are the same five sites.
  • The leight weight. Chrome is the fastest browser I have ever experienced opening and using. In fact it flies in comparison to Firefox and IE.
  • The simplicity. Remember the days when it was normal to have four or five toolbars on top of your browser which took up half the screen? Chrome has a very limited number of buttons, and they’re the ones that matter.
  • The built-in developer support. Firefox’s Firebug is a good add-on but Chrome comes with a great built-in web developer kit that lets you inspect how websites are built.
  • The brand behind the browser. Behind the Chrome browser stands Google, and well we all know who they are and how much of an impact they have on the web.