Google’s Green Gumby Doodle

In celebration of Gumby creator Art Clokey’s what would have been the 90th birthday, Google today created a doodle that features Gumby and his pals and enemies. I say enemies because the Blockheads which make up Google’s capital ‘G’ and first ‘o’, are always trying to ruin Gumby’s plans on the TV show. And I say pals because Prickle, Goo an Pokey which make up the second ‘o’, second ‘g’ and ‘e’ respectively are always on Gumby’s side. I used to watch this TV show on¬†Nickelodeon¬†every day after school which is how I know so much about Gumby’s pals and enemies. Well done Google! You should see what Gumby can do today.