Angry Birds Space – We Have Liftoff

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space, the latest Angry Birds game from Rovio is now available to download on iOS and Android deices. I downloaded Angry Birds Space and I must say it is unlike any other Angry Birds game available because of it’s unique new gravity system. Instead of playing Angry Birds in levels with earth-like gravity physics, you play in space where different planets gravitational pulls effect which way you will want to sling your bird. There are also some new bird additions to Angry Birds Space including an ice bird that after you shoot the bird and tap the screen, will freeze and weaken any structure near it. There are little details in the game that make it fun like how the birds are wearing space have space helmets. If you crack and destroy their space helmets, they will still survive for a few seconds before the freeze and blow up. Overall it’s a fun addition to the Angry Birds franchise and will provide a lot of enjoyment.

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