Doodle Jump: A Simple, Simply Addictive App

Doodle JumpSometimes, the simpler the game, the more addictive it becomes. There’s something good about the simplicity of a game that requires little effort which makes it low-tense, relaxed and more enjoyable. Doodle Jump is just that, simple and addictive. In the game, you control the Doodler, a character that must get to the top! No one really knows why the Doodler must get to the top or even what’s up there but it really doesn’t matter about that. And even though the Doodler will never make it to the top because it’s impossible and doesn’t exist, the fun lies in the continuous jumping that the Doodler make on his way.

The way you control the Doodler as he jumps from platform to platform is by tilting your device left or right, using its built-in accelerometer. The control is so simple that it’s genius, but be careful because not every platform will support you and there are usually large gaps between them. Along the way, the Doodler can get a short boost from various objects including jetpacks, propeller hats, rockets, spring shoes and trampolines. There are also things that the Doodler must avoid including monsters and UFOs. If it is difficult to avoid them, the Doodler can shoot them (by tapping on the screen) or jump on them which will make them fall and they will terminate. Ultimately, the game ends when you can’t make a jump and fall to the bottom.

Another neat easter egg about the game is that there are a number of included themes. The themes don’t really affect gameplay except in some cases like the Halloween theme where it’s much darker and therefore more difficult. The themes that are currently available are: Original, Christmas, Halloween, Rainforest, Space, Soccer, Ocean, Easter. Developed by Lima Sky, Doodle Jump has already been downloaded over 10,000,000 times on multiple devices since it was first released in April, 2009. It’s nice to play a game that doesn’t involve different levels. How do you mark your success? High-scores! Go ahead, grab it for a buck and enjoy your flight.