Get Your Power Play on With Ice Rage for iPhone

Ice Rage iPod Touch

Today I checked out Ice Rage, a 99 cent game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In Ice Rage, you control one player against the computer or human component in some 1-on-1 ice hockey action. The game┬ádefinitely┬áhas more of an quick-action, arcade feel than a realistic simulation 5-on-5 hockey game and that’s why I like it. You can currently choose from only two characters to play with, a human and a bear. For 99 cents more, you can also purchase a character that resembles Santa Clause. There are three modes of play, single player quick match, single player tournament and multiplayer. In quick match, you play against the computer in a 1:45 match. In tournament mode, you play against a number of players in 0:45 second matches that get tougher the more opponents you play against. In multiplayer, you play against the computer. The graphics are very crisp and gorgeous. The controls in the game are very accurate considering you’re using the touchscreen as a joystick and shoot button. Overall, Ice Rage is a game well worth 99 cents if you enjoy arcade style games and Ice Hockey.