Spy Mouse iPhone Game Is Fun And Cheesy

Cheesy in a good way! The reason I like this game is because if Tom and Jerry and Metal Gear Solid had a baby video game, it would be Spy Mouse. Spy Mouse is EA’s latest game designed for the iPhone. It’s a fun and addictive action game that puts you in control of a mouse as you try to get the cheese and escape from the room through the mouse hole before the cat catches you for his next meal. Some rooms even have two or more cats that throw ninja stars! Over 72 levels of action in all. What I like the most about this game is one, it runs very smooth and two, the control in the game is great. Many iPhone games suffer from bad control due to the screen size but in Spy Mouse your finger creates and outlines a path that Spy Mouse will shortly after follow. The music is also very Austin Powersish Groovy Baby! Yeah! Spy Mouse is currently 99 cents at the app store.

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