Street Fighter IV Dragon Punching Onto iPhone

Street Fighter IV iPhone

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter IV is headed to the iPhone later this year in March. The above picture is how many fans hope it would look on the iPhone but the truth is that the iPhone can’t pull off what the latest generation consoles can do. Another serious question gamers may have is how on earth can anyone pull off Street Fighter combo moves without a D-pad or buttons? With a virtual pad and buttons of course.

I think that instead of this virtual pad nonsense Capcom could have come up with a more creative solution. Look at what Konami did with metal Gear Solid Touch and what Sega did with Super Monkey Ball. It’s┬ádefinitely┬ápossibly to create some unique controls on the iPhone without these silly virtual pads. With the iPhones built in motion sensor and multi-touch capabilities there are endless possibilities of how to pull of a great game.

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