W3Counter Web 2.0 Friendly Statistics

W3 Counter Map

When tracking your statistics on your blog, there are many options. If you have a self hosted WordPress site, there are built in widgets that you can download and install. Your hosting company may also provide free statistics to you already. But I usually like to use statistic sites where you can sign up, copy code and paste into your sidebar.

I’ve been using Extreme Tracking for a while now. They make you put a button on your site that links to your public statistics but the statistics are very easy to read and user friendly. I actually just discovered a new tracker provided by W3Counter. The thing that makes W3Counter different is the deep amount of statistics provided. The deep web 2.0 friendly stats make it easy to monitor who is coming to your site and how they’re getting there.

Another cool feature of W3Counter statistics is the Google Maps view you get of your visitors. You can zoom in and out, slick on the markers and view the IP address of that visitor, how they got to your site and the time and date of the visit. The above screenshot is just of the past 24 hours but It’s going to be fun to watch the visitors multiply on the map and see where they are located.