Why WordPress Is The Best Blogging Publisher


Welcome, Blogger

With blogging getting bigger and bigger over the past few years, people may want to know what the best blogging publisher is. It is now easier than ever for potential bloggers to sit down on the computer, go to a blogging site like Blogger, fill out a few forms, pick a template, and start blogging in minutes. Blogging is a great and exciting way to express your feelings to a world of potential listeners and WordPress is the best way to do that.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

There are two ways to use WordPress. The first is free but limiting. Check out WordPress.com and sign up for a blog, You can choose from over 60 themes but won’t be able to do much customization unless you buy upgrades and you will be stuck with a domain like mysite.wordpress.com. The second way is to go through a hosting company (I recommend ehostpros) with auto install. This will typically cost around $5-$10/month but will get you tons more options which can be viewed at WordPress.org.

What are all these options?

Well when you use WordPress through your own hosting site, you get access to all WordPress has to offer. Because WordPress is open source, developers and designers make plug-ins and themes and you have access to the PHP and CSS code so you can customize every pixel of your blog. Now obviously you will need to know how to code in order to be able to edit it but the friendly people over at the WordPress.org forums should be able to help you with questions you may have.

When I built the blog you’re currently viewing, I started with a theme I downloaded here. From there I  customized the graphics and images. When it was looking the way i wanted it to visually, I started to focus more on some of the add-ons and plug-ins. I updated the site with features such as post views, a better photo gallery and search engine friendly blog posts.

So what makes WordPress so Good then?

WordPress has been leading the charge as the leading Blogging Publisher for five years now. The admin section of WordPess is fluid and easy to use. For every feature that WordPress doesn’t offer, there are usually five plug-ins that do what you’re looking for. Some fully functional websites are completely done in WordPress and while that limits what you can do, it does make a decent content manager. New versions of WordPress come out every couple weeks which upgrade features and fix bugs and security flaws. I’d check out Movable Type before settling on WordPress but I currently recommend WordPress as the best blogging publisher available.