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Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit Quilts

Super Mario frog 3 quilt

Just in case you’re so into Super Mario that you need to hold onto hom while you sleep, there are Super Mario Bros. 3 8-bit style quilts available on Etsy. Correction, they were available but it looks like they already sold out. There were three versions for sale: Frog Suit Mario, Tanuki Mario & Winged Goomba. They were going for $85.00 which is a good price considering that these are custom hand made quilts and feature you’re favorite video game plumber from another mother.

Be on the lookout for more quilts from Etsy user bsayasane

Super Mario Evolution Timeline

Super Mario Timeline
Above is a graphic I made representing Super Mario as he evolved into the character he is today. This certainly doesn’t cover every Mario game out there but it does show the main franchise games that came out over Nintendo’s history. Click on the graphic for a larger version.

Also check out the Zelda and Kirby timelines.

New Bejeweled 3 Will Be Available 12/7/2010

Just over 10 years after the original Bejeweled was released, Popcap has announced Bejeweled 3. It will be available later this year on December 7. Some of the new features include collecting up to 65 badges, hi-res graphics, ultra smooth action and new gems. There will be 4 game modes to choose from. Chances are that the gameplay won’t be too different but if you ask me that’s a good thing. How do you fix something that isn’t broken? Bejeweled is one of my favorite game series and I can’t wait to see what Popcap has in store for us.

More @ Popcap.

Ketchup Packets Catch Up To The Times

redesigned ketsup packets

The ketchup packet has never seemed quite right to me. They’re difficult to open and take a certain degree of accuracy and skill to get the perfect opening. Once you do get it open its impossible to squirt without getting at least some ketchup on your fingers. Heinz is finally doing something about that by releasing a newly designed packet. Not only will this new packet hold about 3 times as much ketchup as the older packets but there will now be two ways to open them. You can either dip or squeeze depending on where you peel. Hopefully the new packets will mean less mess and less garbage.

More @ Triplepundit.

God of War III Ultimate Edition

If you have some disposable income coming in and enjoy playing PS3 games you may want to check out the God of War III Ultimate Edition coming out in mid-March. The Ultimate Edition includes the following:

  • High-End Sculpted Replica of Pandora’s Box
  • Limited-Edition God of War Art Book featuring exclusive art, content and interviews
  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges
  • Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus
  • God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (mp3 digital download).
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (mp3 digital download).

More @ PlayStation Blog.

Bejeweled 2 on PlayStation 3 via PSN

Bejeweled 2 PS3

PopCap was kind enough to bring Bejeweled 2 to your PS3 via PSN download. The game and demo were released today along with word of other PopCap including Peggle and Zuma which will be released later this year. Bejeweled is $9.99, includes trophy support and is available right now so at least check out the demo.

More Street Fighter II Turbo HD Info

On the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has announce some more info on the latest Capcom game, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. We now have a release date of November 25, 2008 that you will be able to download the game via PSN. The price will be $14.99. The game will feature 1080p, online play, original and rebalanced modes and eventually, trophies. Also, as an exclusive to the PlayStation Network, fans will have the opportunity to download the Street Fighter Underground Remix Soundtrack for free. The soundtarck features hip hop artists including Redman, Hieroglyphics, DJ Qbert, DJ Toure, Zion I, Mistah F.A.B. and Oh No who have created original songs inspired by the Street Fighter series.

More @ PlayStation Blog.

Two Blu-ray Discs and Remote For $40

Blu-ray Remote

Best Buy is having a deal this week (week of Nov 9, 2008) where if you buy two Blu-ray discs, you get a free Blu-ray remote. The Blu-ray discs usually go for $20 a piece and the remote is usually $20 also. Simply add two Blu-ray discs to your cart, then add the PS3 remote to your cart from this link and the discount will automatically come off.

Choose from the following Blu-ray titles: Troy, TMNT, Wyatt Earp, Alexander, Swordfish, Bullitt, The Brave One, Pan’s Labryinth, March of the Penguins, A Clockwork Orange, The Fugitive, Rush Hour 3, The Departed, Enter The Dragon, I Am Legend and 300.

PS3 Break-apart Controller Gets Patented

PS3 break-apart controller

What you’re looking at is not actually a Japan-only snow cone maker simulation game controller, but possibly the future of the PlayStation controller. Earlier this year there was talk of Sony releasing a break-apart controller for the PS3 which was a mystery. No one knew quite what to expect as Sony has been using the Dual Shock model as the primary and pretty much only PlayStation controller since the original came out thirteen years ago. I don’t expect the new motion-censored controller to overtake the Dual Shock 3 but I do see it as, depending on the game, a nice alternative to the standard everyday controller in the future.

More @ neogaf forums

Lumines Supernova Dropping on PSN This Fall

Lumines Supernova

The popular puzzle game from Q Entertainment, Lumines is coming out for PlayStation 3 via PSN as a downloadable title later this fall. It will be the same Lumines everyone loves on the PSP with the addition of a few new modes including:

  • 40 new unlockable skins
  • New Dig Down Mode: Erase squares by digging your way to the bottom
  • New Sequencer Mode: Create your own background music
  • Skin Edit Mode: Customize your Lumines experience by choosing your skins
  • Time Attack Mode: See how many blocks you can erase in a certain timeframe
  • Puzzle / Mission Mode: Work you way though 100 puzzles and 50 missions

Nintendo Announces DSi Gaming Device

Nintendo DSi

First of all, before you get too excited, it won’t be hitting the states until “late 2009″ which probably means it will be released about a year from now just in time for the next holiday season. The system doesn’t look or play that much different than the curent DS Lite. The screens will be larger but will remain the same resolution and only one screen will continue to be touch.

The unit is 12% thinner and will include an external three megapixel camera as well as a front-facing camera. In addition the DSi will have an SD slot and internal storage. Nintendo’s also launching an online DSi Shop to purchase games and applications. The unit will launch in both black and white colors.

More @ the official Japanese site.

Bejeweled Twist Coming In October

Bejeweled Twist

Popcap has announced that the new vesion of Bejeweled, Bejeweled Twist will be unveiled on October 27th. No one knows what the new twist will be but if it’s anything like Bejeweled 1 or 2 it will be addicting as hell.

Life With PlayStation Out Today

Life With PlayStation

Today Sony released its free service, Life With PlayStation, which lets you view news and weather from cities across the globe. The service lets you access an interactive globe with information provided by Google News and The Weather Channel. Wii has a similar service which isn’t as graphically heavy as Sony’s Life With PlayStation. I am looking forward to downloading it tonight and trying it out.

More @ Sony Blog

USB 3.0 Almost Ready

USB 3.0

USB 3.0 is almost ready to hit the market with amazing new transfer speeds and more!

Features include:

  • Backwards-compatible with USB 2.0
  • Transfer rates up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 (4.8Gbps)
  • Uploads and downloads are kept on separate lanes with thicker cables
  • Charge devices more quickly
  • Much more mindful of energy waste


WipEout HD Almost Ready For PS3

WipEout HD PS3

Delayed for a month after failing seizure tests, WipEout HD is almost ready to fly onto your TV. The game will be running at an extremely fast 60 Frames per second and will sport some gorgeous graphics. The game will feature the same WipEout gameplay we’re used to from previously released wipEout games plus will add a few new upgrades in gameplay including music that changes depending on what’s going on in the race. If wipEout HD lives up to the PSP versions of the game then it will be a blast to play on the big screen. You can see more at PS3Fanboy.