Asus EEE PC: The Sub $300 Laptop


The Asus EEE PC from is a laptop that retails for just under $300 and you do get a decent amount of features for the price. This laptop or ‘netbook’ computer is not going to replace your desktop or 15″ laptop but it would be nice to have one for business trips, vacations, or just for limited time everyday mobile computing around your house. I say limited time because there’s only so much your eyes can take while viewing the EEE PC’s 8.9″ screen.

In addition to the smaller screen then what you may be used to, the Eee PC’s compact design makes it super-light at 2.18 lbs. The systems typically come with a Linux operating system loaded with more than 50 useful applications for gaming, entertainment and communication. Some features include: Wi-Fi LAN (802.11b/g), 4GB flash storage and built-in camera and microphone. With the status of the economy, only spending $300 is not a bad idea for someone who needs a portable computer on a budget.

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