The Future of the Internet

Personal Computer

Ten years ago, no one would have thought that the internet would be what it is today. People practically live online by doing everything from banking to trading stocks to ordering food on the internet. I don’t see this going away but I see the interface and the way we view it changing dramatically one day.

Away will go the method of opening up an internet browser to view the internet. I predict that one day a new computer will only run the internet. There will be no other programs needed on that computer and just about everything will be web-based. It seems to be already headed that way now.

Further down the road I can see the internet stepping away from personal computers and laptops we carry around with us. How will we view it then? Everywhere we go will be hooked up. There will be monitors on our shopping carts to assist us at the store and personal shopper helpers (PSH’s?) we carry around with us at other stores.

I also see a wearable device similar to sunglasses that tell people different things about different areas. For example if someone is looking at a building and wondering the history of it as well as what they sell inside, the wearable device will know you’re looking at it and download the info directly to you. If you’re at the store and interested in an item, the device will give you product reviews, a detailed description and even if you ever bought it before. There will be many possibilities for this technology.

While I enjoy the internet and everything it provides for us today, it’s fun to think about what we may see tomorrow.