News Republic for WebOS

It turns out that WebOS app beggars can be choosers, when selecting the right news app. I have officially replaced USA Today with a new goto news app for my Touchpad, News Republic. I like it so much that I even put it along the static app area on the bottom of the screen. USA Today wasn’t a bad app to use. It’s just that News Republic offers more categories, more stories, longer stories with more pictures, more up to date news and an overall slicker interface. That is saying a lot considering the USA Today app has been around for as long as the Touchpad and I want to say that it even came pre-installed on my Touchpad. It always left more to be desired though. The USA Today app always felt like a limited version of the popular newspaper I’d find waiting for me at my hotel room door while News Republic feels like an incoming feed of news that gets updated as soon as the story is released to the public and deemed appropriate for this app. Preferences are currently limited and they will probably stay that way but that doesn’t worry me.