Radiant HD Arcade Game for WebOS

Radiant HD Title Screen

For fans of Space Invaders comes Radiant HD, a game from Hexage available on WebOS along with Android and iOS. Hexage has been very supportive of WebOS and has released many other games for the Touchpad including Totemo, Robotek, and Quell. Think of Radiant HD as a mash-up of a bunch of classic space shooter games combined into one.

The controls in the game are fantastic because instead of using awkward touch buttons that are difficult to locate, you simply tap the screen either on the left side or right side to control your spaceship. Firing is super easy because it’s automatically done for you. At first this may seem crazy but it actually works great because it lets you focus on where your bullets go. The graphics are also well done with vibrant neon colors and pixelated character shapes to bring that old-school game feel. The music is nothing special but suits the game well with its spacey way.

You get points for upgrades after killing certain enemies during level play. At the end of the level, you get to choose from upgrades that give you things like double guns and missiles which help you to perform better in the next levels. These weapons do well against the larger enemies and bosses throughout the 100+ levels of the game. The weapons include a Vulcan Cannon, Bio Blaster, Plasma Gun, Disruptor Laser, Seeking Missiles, and Smart Gun. If you are into classic arcade shooters, then I recommend Radiant HD. It is another game that will help build up your library of games on your Touchpad, a device with not a lot of support app-wise compared to Android and iOS.

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