Original Poem “White Noise”

White Noise Poem

Growing up I had quite a childhood delight
Which involved me watching TV in the middle of the night

I’d skip through the channels that had something to say
And find the ones where all the broadcasts went away

Some call these blank channels ‘snow’ or ‘white noise’
But watching them for me was so much better than toys

While watching, little people would pull me inside
the TV, where all my dreams and fantasies came alive

One particular night when I went inside the TV
I immedietly realized that it was not a safe place to be

These dreams that were usually loving and nice
Were replaced with the most painful night of my life

Now when people ask me if I believe in heaven and hell
I tell them I’ve experienced one of them and I tell

The story which the little people told me never to repeat
Whoops, too late it looks like you too are in for a treat